The Ten Riddles Of Eartha Quicksmith – Loris Owen

Sometimes in the summer holidays you plough through books so quickly that you forget to stop for a few seconds to really enjoy them.

I was about 2 or 3 chapters into this book when I realised that I was daydream reading. Turning the pages but not actually reading anything. I stopped, paused had a stern word with myself and then re-started.

Image preview

I’m so glad that I did. Otherwise I worry that I would have missed out on a splendid novel! I love a good riddle (even though admittedly I’m not brilliant at them…) So my time at Quicksmiths was very enjoyable!

We join Kip, who doesn’t really fit in anywhere, on a journey to a new school. Imagine Hogwarts for clever people (ooh Harry Potter burn, that’ll alienate some people…)

Science rules over magic here. But here’s the thing, science can be so much more exciting than magic because it’s real!!! (Don’t tell my daughter I said that!)

Eartha Quicksmith, one of the greatest minds from the school has left 10 riddles that will lead to her greatest ideas. Did I mention that she wrote the riddles about 400 years ago! There is a scramble by all pupils and teachers to solve the clues and find the treasure.

Can Kip and his crew solve them first? Well it won’t be easy for the school newbies. Will everyone else be one step ahead or one step behind? That’s the excitement that will have you speeding through the pages, making your own prediction and desperate to find the truth.

This is a great book for any fans of science fiction or magic lovers who need a push in the right direction. I loved it and I know that it’ll be enjoyed by many UKS2 readers.

Ooh just a side note… Read the book because I want to talk about some of the little animal sidekicks in the book and which one I’d prefer to have!

Oh and one last thing. THIS BOOK HAS HOVER BOARDS!

Image preview

Thanks Firefly Press for the review copy.


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